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We're staging a real estate reality check.

Stonehouse offers you a service that is actually fair. A realistic pay-for-what-you-use professional service without variation or fee escalation, regardless of a property’s sale value. If you want to change things up, and in your favour, speak to us first. In this industry, we’re your only and best option.

How We Work

We sell property for the highest market price, in the shortest possible time. Guaranteed.

We charge by the hour

We provide a service at a cost that is far more representative, realistic, and fair

Time + Marketing

It’s the same way that respected professionals like doctors, consulting engineers, or architects work.

No variation or fee escalation

Regardless of the value of the property, we operate without variation or fee escalation.

Get in touch

We operate as a trusted professional consultant, and that’s what sets us apart. See the difference, hear the difference, experience the difference. Together, we win.


What Our Clients Say

We were referred from a friend who had just sold their property through this service here in Christchurch. We were quite clear on who we were going to place our property with until we discussed our situation with Kim Franklin. He presented an unbelievable approach to this business comparative to all other real estate agencies, and an insight into the real estate industry on matters that we had never thought of.


Alan & Dawn Simpson

Strowan, Christchurch

What a refreshing culture this company brings to this industry, a transparent cost for getting a property sold no matter what the value it may be. The fees charged by real estate companies based on a percentage of the sell price of a property, is a cost that never made any sense to us. Paying by the hour when dealing with the buyers interested in our property and the cost for only the promotional materials for advertising it is such decent, professional and honest way to work. Sam Doubleday restored our perception of real estate agents, others should follow their example.

Chris & Angela Jacobson

Huntsbury, Christchurch

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Looking to buy ?

Imagine if you, the buyer, had your own real estate professional working for you, in the same way the seller has. Leveling up on the playing field can have a profound positive impact on your outcome.

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