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Caveat Emptor –‘let the buyer beware’. For most people, buying a property is likely to be one of the biggest transactions they will ever undertake, maybe only once in their lives, or maybe more. We understand how disadvantaged a lone acting buyer really is in this process, sadly most do not.

We think that acting alone as a purchaser, comparatively unsupported, under resourced and in unfamiliar territory in many respects, is not a good idea. So we’ve done something about it.

We present a unique proposition for buying property that simply makes sense, and the results are staggering.


Imagine if you, the buyer, had your own Real Estate Professional working for you exclusively, in the same way the seller has. Levelling up on the playing field can have a profound positive impact on your outcome.

Would you turn up alone to defend yourself at a court hearing, or worse still, take advice on the day on how to present your case from the complainants’ lawyer?

Because that’s what you are doing!


Our Process


  • We start with a consultation to establish why you are buying. There are usually only two reasons; to solve a problem, or to seize an opportunity. Whatever your story is, it’s safe with us.

  • We explain the cost for service and demonstrate the advantages of our understanding and experience in the process of securing your property purchase. We operate from the universally trusted Professional Practice of time & attendance plus disbursements. It’s the same way that doctors, consulting engineers or architects work, without prejudice.

  • Our engagement is by way of an Agency Authority. On this basis, we work for you and only you, not the seller or their agent.

  • If we agree to work together, we treat you as a valued long-term client, not just a means to grab a ‘sneaky portion’ of the seller’s salesperson’s commission. (Often up to 40%)

  • We coach you on how to recognise and search for the best properties, how to conduct your initial viewings, what not to say or do when on site, what questions to ask and how to answer any if asked. Your conversation (if any) must be short and vague.

  • We discuss your findings and assess any property of further interest you have selected for additional examination. This includes all information provided by the seller plus our own instinctive investigation and observations on any matters. We establish the probable market property price using the same methods practised by Registered Valuation Consultants, regardless of the vendors expectation and agree on the terms & conditions of any offer we may put forward.

  • Our reporting and recommendations to you are rigorous and factual, we make no excuses for that. You’d expect nothing less from your Professional Consultant.

  • Our negotiation skills are our craft, we stay with this phase until we achieve an accepted offer by both parties, or we walk away, that’s what we are engaged for.

  • We secure property at a realistic price, on terms & conditions that suit you, the buyer – Guaranteed!

Be inspired, not manipulated. It’s our values that set us apart in this industry

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