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We can’t say we didn’t ask for it.

Using social media, we recently invited people to give their opinion of the real estate industry in one word. The response was a brutal series of short and sharp jabs that made us feel like we were watching an episode of Batman from the mid-60s. Pow! Zap! Kebam! You get the idea.

Some of the more interesting single word judgments included:










(Note: not a solitary compliment was given)

There were another couple of words too. It starts with the letter “F” and They vaguely rhymed with “you suck trucking rissoles.”; if we had a buck for every time we read it, we’d be rolling in it like a pig in muck.

Words like these succinctly sum up the general vibe of the exercise. This wasn’t Woodstock, where love and peace filled the air. It was more like the mosh pit at an early Sex Pistols concert, and we were being gobbed on big time. After this exercise in feeding ourselves to the lions in the social media cage, we could have responded with one word of our own.


But we didn’t.

We actually agree with pretty much everything our respondents said.

We’ve long stated that we don’t like the way the real estate industry does things and the one-word replies hit the mark in many respects. For example, it can be unjustifiably expensive to list sell a home, and when you see how little work many agents do to sell achieve a property sale, the word “scam” certainly comes to mind. That’s why we operate differently. We’re not amongst the agents and salespeople; we’re consultants. We offer a pay-for-what-you-use professional service without variation or fee escalation, regardless of a property’s sale value price. If you could describe our service in one word, then we’d suggest that “fair” or “realistic” would be a decent summation, even if we say so ourselves

To all those people who took time out of their busy day to tell us how much they hate the industry we’re in, we want to say two words.

Thank you.

Your honesty confirms to us that we’re on the right track in doing things the way we do.

The real estate business needs to change if it is to serve your interests better, and that’s why we operate our company in the way we do.

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