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Stonehouse offers you a unique proposition for the sale or purchase of your property. It’s beyond comparison. In fact, it’s so different that our competitors think we have lost our minds. So, what is the proposition that is quietly shaking up the industry?
It’s simple. We deliver a realistic service for a realistic cost.
If you think that’s not exactly mind-blowing, you’d probably be correct. After all, many professionals operate within genuine and authentic boundaries. However in the real estate industry, not much is real at all, so we’re offering an accountable service at a realistic cost, which is really revolutionary, and long overdue.
After decades of experience in the industry, we always had an underlying uneasiness about some aspects of this business. We could have sat back and done nothing, simply accepting that it’s the way things are done. Or, we could consider the possibility for making things better. We could provide a service at a cost that is far more representative, realistic and fair. So, we deconstructed the standard industry practice, threw away the pieces we didn’t like, and designed a service based only on what works exclusively for our clients, without compromise.
We consciously moved away from the distrusted ‘no win, no fee’ arena. It’s grossly unfair, imbalanced and totally in favour of the Agency. No wonder it is so zealously protected.
Instead, we operate from the universally trusted professional practice of time and attendance plus disbursements, without variation or fee escalation based on the sale price of a property. It’s the same principle that respected professionals like doctors, consulting engineers or architects work under. Why shouldn’t we?

It works for our clients because it has given them another way to buy and sell. It’s a fairer, more honest way. It’s simple, yet it’s revolutionary. And the results are staggering.
A balance outcome being a win for our clients, a win for our agency and a win for the industry.

Our People

Kim Franklin

Principal Agent

Keeping it Real

Professional respect is earned, not given. It’s gained over time and is an acknowledgment of consistent reliable performance.

An obstacle for earning such respect, is when you operate in an industry that sits, at best, under the lowest 10 percentile of the ‘Trusted Professions’ continuum, globally.

Remarkably, we defy these odds. We stepped out of the culture of ‘greed & ego’, and provide a professional consultancy service based on trust, transparency & impartial information.

It works, for you, for us and the industry – a win, win, win.

021 570 650

Sam Doubleday


Calling a Spade a Spade

Selling your property is not a game! Many agents treat it like one, however they are the only ones who know the rules.

Upon seeing people unknowingly deceived and convinced they have received a great outcome, I knew the ‘Smoke and Mirror’ game played by this industry, was simply not for me.

I do not want to be a celebrity at my client’s expense, I just want to represent people fairly.

Whether it’s the seller or the buyer, whoever has engaged us, that’s who we are working for and never the twain shall meet.

027 449 9671

Gerry Irvine


Ideas Man 

I have worked for several years in the finance industry specialising in residential property investment. I also worked for New Zealand’s largest property data and insights company giving me a well-rounded depth in knowledge of the property market

I believe the place to start a relationship is over a coffee or leaning at a bar.

I like to do things differently but I am not trying to reinvent the wheel, I simply want to conduct my business in a professional transparent manner.

021 832 203


What Our Clients Say

We were referred from a friend who had just sold their property through this service here in Christchurch. We were quite clear on who we were going to place our property with until we discussed our situation with Kim Franklin. He presented an unbelievable approach to this business comparative to all other real estate agencies, and an insight into the real estate industry on matters that we had never thought of.


Alan & Dawn Simpson

Strowan, Christchurch

What a refreshing culture this company brings to this industry, a transparent cost for getting a property sold no matter what the value it may be. The fees charged by real estate companies based on a percentage of the sell price of a property, is a cost that never made any sense to us. Paying by the hour when dealing with the buyers interested in our property and the cost for only the promotional materials for advertising it is such decent, professional and honest way to work. Sam Doubleday restored our perception of real estate agents, others should follow their example.

Chris & Angela Jacobson

Huntsbury, Christchurch

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