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We’ll sell your property for the highest market price, in the shortest possible time. Guaranteed.

Our approach is different, and it works. We do everything right, step by step, to reach a result that will exceed your expectations: the highest market price, in the shortest possible time. Here’s how we do it.

We assess the probable market price of your property using the same methods practised by Registered Valuation Consultants. This gives us a more accurate market reaction price point to work with, one that is competitive and comparative to the immediate market in every respect. This will help us reach an agreement that takes your price expectation into consideration, while acknowledging the current state of play in the market. Without this agreement, we do not proceed.

We agree to work together. Our agreement will be based on trust, respect and value. We will treat you as a valued long-term client, not a short-term commission opportunity. When engaged to sell your property, we work for you and only you, not the buyer. Our reporting to you is rigorous and factual, and we make no excuses for telling it like it is. You’d expect nothing less from a professional consultant.

We recommend an appropriate marketing method that suits your property, not the agency. We only use advertising products that work for the sale of your property, not for the promotion of the agency or salesperson at your expense.

We will listen to you and deal with your concerns, suggestions and wishes immediately. We will always encourage you to speak your mind, and will act accordingly to achieve the desired outcome, at all times.

We explain our cost for the service we provide, and demonstrate the advantages of only paying for the actual time we spend on getting your property sold.

We negotiate rather than argue, negotiation skills are our craft. Constantly honed and practised for the sole purpose of achieving an unconditional sale for your property. That’s what we are engaged to do, and we get on with it.

Want to know how you can sell your property for the highest market price, in the shortest possible time, guaranteed?

Contact us to find out more.

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